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Pinball Panic is a game from based on the crossover of the TV shows Austin & Ally and JESSIE. It was an online Pinball game with three levels. The first level was about Trish booking Austin at Time Square. The second level was about Jessie and Emma guiding them through New York. The last level was about Jessie and Austin and Jessie's duet of the song "Face to Face".


How To PlayEdit

Earn as many points as possible and solve each table to complete the mission. You must accomplish the goals in order.

Star - Bonus Points
Arrow - Goal


Launcher - Down Key
Flippers - Left and Right Keys
Shake - Spacebar

Level 1 (Sonic Boom)Edit

New Year's Eve is approaching, and Trish has booked the gig of a lifetime for Austin: Time Square in New York!

Use your pinball skills to help Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trish get to New York, meet new friends, and navigate through their crazy adventure.

Level 2 (Streets of New York)Edit

You've helped Austin make it to New York just in time! Unfortunately, his way to the stage is blocked...

With help from Jessie and Emma, find a way for Austin to make it on stage for his performance.

Level 3 (Mall of Miami)Edit

Great job! The crowd really went wild for Austin!

After Jessie, Emma, Ravi, and Luke rescue Zuri from the dropping New Years Eve ball, the gang joins Austin and his friends back in Miami to perform Jessie's song... or is it Zuri's?