Tessie is the romantic pairing of Tony (Chris Calya) and Jessie (Debby Ryan). Tony has strong romantic feelings for Jessie as shown in: "New York, New Nanny" when Jessie got thrown out of the taxi Tony looked concerned so he ran up to her & helped her up & when they were introducing each other Jessie looked at Tony in a loving way, "The Princess and the Pea Brain" when he got jealous of Jessie's date with rich bad boy Brody, Jessie and Tony stood up for eachother when Brody called Tony doorman Jessie then said "The doormans name is Tony and eventhough he gives out linted apples and rides a dolley, he's a better gentleman than you'lle EVER be," Tony said this to Brody "You don't deserve a girl like Jessie, she's pretty, nice and always smells really, really good like one of those air freshners that you plug into a wall, my point is Jessie's great and your a piece of moldy lasagna!" in the end they both go on a date, "Glue Dunnit: A Sticky Situation" when they are revealed to have started dating when they are getting ready to go on their third-thirst date, in the end they end up not going out on their date, they almost kiss but it turns out that Jessie had a mosquito on her face and Tony swiped it off, "Used Karma" when Tony asks her out and Jessie seems to have feelings for him when she says "I am not getting involved with him, or his sparkling lips" (sorry I couldn't remember the rest of what she said) near the end Tony tried to kiss her but Jessie sprayed him with Pepper Spray and left, Tony said that Jessie looked really pretty with the raindrops in her hair, "One Day Wonders" when he wanted to warn Jessie and Luke that the music producer was ripping them off, at the end he wanted to go up to Jessie's room, "Evil Times Two" they try to go out on their fourth-thirst date, "Tempest in a cup" they dance together and kiss, "Green Eyed Monster" Tony is jealous of Jessie spending more time with Petey than him, he loves the way Jessie eats as mentioned when Emma asks if he had ever seen Jessie eat BBQ he then replies "I sure have" in a happy tone, "The Trouble With Tessie" Jessie worries that Tony is going to propose to her, she meets his family, they go out to a fancy restaurant and he makes a Tessie T-Shirt.

Tessie is one of my FAVE couples EVER!!!!!! :) I hope they never break up, sorry Luke but Jessie & Tony belong together you and Jessie nope never gonna happen.